January 18, 2018

Julian Assange and Wikileaks: A Brief Timeline

Julian Assange and Wikileaks: A Brief Timeline

A brief timeline regarding Julian Assange and Wikileaks from 2010.

2010 April – November
WikiLeaks publishes classified US documents about American military activity in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US Investigates WikiLeaks
US Army investigators suspect that Private Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea, was the source of the leaks. Private Manning was court-martialed in June 2010.

In November, extradition request was issued from Sweden over rape inquiry.
Assange was investigated in August and September 2010 on charges of rape and molestation after separate complaints from two women.

2011 November

Assange Goes to court
A British court ruled in November 2011 that Assange could be extradited to Sweden. His lawyers challenged that decision.

2012 June

He lost his final appeal before Britain’s Supreme Court.

2012 August
Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum

2013 August

Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison. President Barack Obama later commutes the sentence and she is released in May 2017

2016 January
U.N. panel rules in Assange’s favor
A United Nations rights panel said that Britain and Sweden had arbitrarily detained Assange. They should restore his freedom of movement and should compensate him, the panel also declared.

2016 November
Assange is questioned at the Embassy by Swedish prosecutors for four hours.

2017 May

Sweden drops rape charges against Assange

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