January 18, 2018

First “Made in China” Passenger Jet Plans to Rival Boeing and Airbus

First “Made in China” Passenger Jet Plans to Rival Boeing and Airbus

The first large, Chinese-made jetliner, C919, took off for its maiden flight in Shanghai on May 5, 2017, with the event broadcast live on state television.

China hopes to rival Boeing and Airbus with its single-aisle C919 manufactured by the state-run aircraft maker Comac.

The narrow-body jet can seat between 155 and 175 passengers in six rows of seats, separated by an aisle.

Two hundred Chinese firms and 36 universities participated in the development of the C919, according to Comac. However, the C919 still relies on foreign-made systems. Its engine is made by CFM International, a joint venture between General Electric and France’s Safran Aircraft Engines.

The first deliveries of Chinese engines are expected in 2020.

Yang Chao, the dean of Beihang University’s School of Aeronautics and Engineering, told the dpa news agency that their goal was to become the third player sharing the market with Boeing and Airbus.

Comac says it have received around 570 orders, almost all of them from domestic companies.

In 2016, China started operating a smaller passenger jet ARJ21 on domestic routes, which was also developed by Comac.

Pic: Model of Comac C919. (Waerfelu, Wikimedia Commons)

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