January 18, 2018

Five of Rome’s Attractions, Free to Visit

Five of Rome’s Attractions, Free to Visit

Rome and Vatican has some wonderful attractions which are free to visit.

  • Pantheon

Pantheon is one of the greatest monuments of the Roman Empire. “Temple of all the gods” – a powerful marble building with mighty columns, to praise the Roman deities. Previously, there were committed pagan worship, and is a church now. Under the flagstones of the Pantheon, the former Italian kings are buried. Entrance to the Pantheon is free.

  • Cathedral of St. Peter

Visit the Cathedral of St. Peter – one of the main tourist points in the list of every self-respecting guest in Rome. Masters such as Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini contributed to create the world’s largest historical Christian Church and the most important center of Catholicism. Literally every inch of the walls inside the cathedral is covered with artwork. Since this is an important existing religious institution, entrance fees are not taken here.

  • Gardens of the Villa Borghese

Luxury landscaped park in the English style, spread out around the palace of the 17th century – one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Romans on lazy sunny weekend. There is an entrance fee to the museum and gallery. But entrance to the garden is free, where you can take a stroll among the magnificent alleys, sculptures and pavilions. You can also enjoy magnificent views of the city from the viewing platforms.

  • Vatican Museums on the last Sunday of the month

Every last Sunday of the month the famous Vatican museums are open free to all visitors from eight in the morning till two p.m. You can see Michelangelo’s frescoes, masterpieces of ancient sculpture, ancient manuscripts and other memories of a rich Roman history.

  • All churches

All the churches of Rome are free to visit – only some of them may request a small donation. Even if you are not so religious, these are sights to see.  San Clemente Basilica is one such historic church. The magnificent Santa Maria Maggiore, and Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, with paintings by Caravaggio, are others. There are dozens of small, less famous churches, with amazing architecture and decoration.

Pic: Rome Pantheon Front – Roberta Dragan

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